How to Treat a Hemorrhoid

Hemorrhoids are a very typical anorectic condition first and foremost defined as the significant swelling as well as the distal dislocation of the regular anal cushions. This condition ideally affects millions of people across the globe and represents a major medical along with the socioeconomic problem. Half the population of men and women at age fifty experiences this digestive disorder. Pregnant women are also commonly attacked by this condition since it causes the hemorrhoid vessels to enlarge. Some factors cause the development of hemorrhoid, and they include prolonged straining and constipation. The adverse changes in the supporting connective tissue within the anal cushion, abnormal dilatation as well as distortion of the vascular channel are the paramount finding of hemorrhoid disease. Since the condition of hemorrhoids tends to get worse over the years, it can be treated quickly and may be prevented in many cases.

Some of the symptoms of hemorrhoids include;

• Anal swelling

• Anal itching

• Blood on toilet paper

• Rectal bleeding

• Blood in stool

That said, there are many ways on how to get rid of hemorrhoids, and they include the following;

1. Banding

This is one of the most excellent ways of treating hemorrhoids. It’s simple, quick and efficient means of treating this condition. This process involves placing an extremely tight elastic band around the base of your hemorrhoids to cut off their blood supply. Banding is more often than not a day procedure that doesn’t need an anesthetic, and nearly everyone can get back to their usual activities the next day. Directly after the procedure, you may notice blood on the toilet paper after going to the bathroom. After all this, the hemorrhoids fall off within about a week of having this treatment. However, the most common complication of banding is pain that results in bleeding one or two weeks after litigation.

2. Use of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is another potent and ordinary ingredient that ideally assists in the fast reprieve from hemorrhoids. Sources suggest that the anti-inflammatory battle of Aloe Vera play a vital role in resolving the signs of hemorrhoid in a fast as well easy way. Cut stripes of the Aloe Vera leave plant discard all the thorns of internal hemorrhoids and freeze it. Moreover, apply the stripes of Aloe Vera on the swollen area for the dual action of Valtrex in soreness. Additionally, use the gel extorted from Aloe leaves for external ones to soothe as well hydrate the inflamed veins.

3. Tea tree oil and lemon juice

Research reveals that hemorrhoids can be reduced and cured naturally through the tea tree oil. It should be diluted by mixing it with carrier oil given the fact that it is adamant. Add at least two drops of tea tree oil with the carrier oil and make use of it directly over the irritated area with the aid of a sterile cotton swab. If this process is done on a frequent basis, it will contribute to the shrinking of hemorrhoids thus enabling diminishing of this condition completely. On the other hand, lemon juice helps cure the disease through its antioxidants. When applied directly to the inflamed area, it reduced pain and inflammation.

4. Olive Oil

This is an additional significant component that aids in curing the symptoms of hemorrhoids. The anti-inflammatory characteristic it possesses soothes the spot and thus reduces discomfort. Olive oil increases the suppleness of the blood vessels by reducing the suffering of passing hard stools. Moreover, consuming a small quantity of olive oil with foodstuff on a regular basis ideally enhance the proper functionality of the bowel movement due to the charisma of mono-saturated fatty acids found in olive oil.

5. Keep the anal area clean

It’s advisable that individuals suffering from hemorrhoids shower daily to cleanse the skin around your anus with warm water. Gently pat the area dry by avoiding alcohol-based wipes.

In conclusion, drinking plenty of fluids can also help you reduce constipation lowering your risk of developing new hemorrhoids. Conversely, over 85% of the population has hemorrhoids, and healing of hemorrhoids varies from dietary and lifestyle change to radical surgery depending on the extent along with the sternness of the signs. Therefore, this article provides you not only the information you need but also what hemorrhoids are and different ways on how to get rid them as well prevent them from affecting you again.